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Artlife News #1: A tale of $2

We’re currently creating pass-along journals in the Crossing into Creativity program. Participants exchange journals at each meeting, add to it or otherwise change it, then pass it on at our next gathering.

The journal I got last week had $2 pinned into it, with a note: “Ok, could you do yourself a favor? Take these two dollars and spend them on something your soul wants but which your secretary will not allow. Report back.”

I imagined buying some special $2 bead at Nomad. But in a thrift store the next day - shopping for clothes for another current program project - a young woman nearby started talking to no one in particular about a little evening bag covered in shiny pink plastic scales. Then she put it back on the rack with a sigh, saying “Well, maybe one day…”

Without thinking I went over and asked her if she’d buy it if she could afford it. She said she would. So I looked at the price tag, which as $3.29.

I said: “If I give you $2, would you be able to afford the other $1.29?” She said yes. So I gave her the $2. She seemed as pleased as a young girl being given a longed-for girlie treasure.

Did she actually buy the bag? I don’t know, because I checked out next and left the store. But I hope she did… This wasn’t like I’d “done a good deed,” it just felt good, which pleases my soul.

If you were given $2 to spend on something your soul wants and your inner secretary won’t let you have, what might it be?

* Attendees at the next intro event about Crossing into Creativity, on Thursday May 17th (go to Programs page for more details) will each receive a mini pass-along journal plus an address to return it so, so that you too can contribute (anonymously if you prefer) to this playful, collaborative ongoing project.

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