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ruby seaton   I   multimedia art

Art can be a direct communication from its creator to all who see it, by allowing direct, unmediated responses. Whatever is being communicated, and however that’s being done, art contributes vital reflections about, and new vision for, our shared world.


For many years, I was a painter. One day I cut up some rejects to re-arrange and re-use sections of them. In doing so I accidentally discovered a vast new world of collage and have never looked back. Making multi-media collage continues, twenty years on, to be a compelling journey into uncharted, fertile terrain. I also make altars, ceremonial clothing and medicine bags, found-object sculptures, and write.  

– ruby j. seaton

High quality giclees are available for all works shown unless marked otherwise. They are produced by professional photographer and fine art printer Paula Gillen. Please email the artist for giclee prices and size options.

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