A one year training in how to guide others into the realms of creative soul  


January to December 2020


What is Artlife™?

We’re living in uncomfortable times, to say the least. 

Long established ways of knowing, living and being are disintegrating, however fervently we attempt to keep them all together. 

Traditionally, we’ve been taught to seek answers to such situations outside of ourselves. Now, we need instead to seek clues within, from the soul’s truth. 

Because only the soul can truly catalyze new ways of living, both individually and in the creation of genuinely life-affirming cultures. 

Artlife promotes moving beyond fearing the power - the freedom of thought and action - of the soul’s truth. 

Here, creativity belongs to all of us. We are born with it. However our world has long had a mixed relationship with such creativity. Artlife process explores how to move beyond this entrenched ambivalence by cultivating broad, life-affirming spectrums of making, being, doing, living, sharing, awake dreaming, and playing. It explores our very lives as a canvas of unlimited potential. 

The audacious vision of Artlife is to contribute to creating a new world, for all of us. 

The core values of Artlife are:

  • Fulfilling creative individual and cultural potential

  • Initiating new ways of knowing 

  • Expressing and sharing a wide range of ideas, beliefs and perceptions 

Artlife is for everyone, young and old, artistic and seemingly less so. 


Train to Teach Artlife™ 

This training teaches holistic models of creativity to help many kinds people and communities  to expand their  life quality.

Students learn and develop

  • How to both embody and transmit holistic creativity in forms including visual, verbal/written, architectural, musical, performed, clothing arts, crafts, transformative ritual and more.

  • Competency in facilitation of Artlife™ Process principles, methods, and practical applications.

  • Individual specializations in teaching Artlife™ Process.

  • Readiness to facilitate  Artlife in differing communities and to people from all walks of life

  • Deep-rooted knowledge and skill that offer potent alternatives to conventional models of education.

Training logistics 

  • This one-year training will incorporate a balance of theory and practice for teaching Artlife, via a mix of experiential, didactic research, and practicum styles of learning. 

  • The format will include weekend intensives, online classes, and individual coaching/evaluation.

  • The training structure is carefully designed to be workable in conjunction with other ongoing life and work commitments. 

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Ruby j. seaton, PH.d

holistic teacher. artist.
art therapist. psYchotherapist.


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