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from visionING to practicING ARTLIFE™   

We’re living in uncomfortable and unpredictable  times, to say the least. 

Long established ways of knowing our world and living in it are rapidly disintegrating, however much we may want to keep it all together. 

Traditionally, we’ve been taught to seek answers to such situations outside of ourselves.

Now, we need instead to seek clues within, from the truth of our souls. 

Because only the soul can truly catalyze new ways of living, both for us as individuals, and as more genuinely life-affirming cultures. 

The purpose of Artlife is to support moving beyond fearing the freedom of thought and action that come from the soul. 

Artlife sees how creativity belongs to all of us, not just some special few; we are born with it.

Artlife process explores many ways to cultivate making, being, doing, living our (so called) ordinary lives, sharing, awake dreaming, and playing. It even explores our very lives as canvases of unlimited potential. 

The audacious vision of Artlife is to contribute to creating a new world that works for all of us. 

The core values of Artlife are:

  • Fulfilling creative individual and cultural potential

  • Initiating new ways of knowing ourselves and our world 

  • Expressing, communicating and sharing experiences, ideas and intentions.

Artlife is for everyone, young and old, artistic and seemingly less so. 

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