“Doctor Jane Seaton is as artful and gifted a guide as you could hope to encounter if you’re on the trail to the mysterious wilds of your real life or to the inner outback of your chaotic creativity.”


– Bill Plotkin, author of Soulcraft and Wild Mind

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Jane Seaton

I have long been passionately engaged in a quest for meaning and awakening through creativity, spirituality and exploration of the human psyche.


Now in my 70’s, my journey – probably like yours – has gotten me this far by inventing countless new beginnings out of seemingly inscrutable dilemmas that become magnificent learning opportunities. 


I mostly grew up in London, but also in France and in Boulder, Colorado, then lived in an Indian ashram for sixteen years as a young adult. I emigrated to the US in my thirties. 


I hold a Ph.D in creativity as a path of personal and cultural transformation from the Union Institute in Cincinnati, OH, and a B.A. in Fine Art and Design from Goldsmiths College at the University of London. 


I have worked as a holistic, body-mind integrating psychotherapist in private practice since 1991 in Boulder, Colorado.


A multimedia artist and teacher, I have facilitated experiential and therapeutic art process with hundreds of people. I now also teach ongoing programs designed to find and fulfill our life purpose.


My life’s purpose is to contribute my gifts and skills to how, together, we are creating new possibilities, new realities, on our challenged yet infinitely magnificent Earth.. 


I regard life itself as our greatest art form.


JANE seaton, PH.d

artist & CREATIVITY teacher 

HOLISTIC psYchotherapist


text: 720 434 4746  .  dr.janesea@artlifecreation.com

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