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a dynamic therapeutic modality for transformative times



Developed from origins in Jungian sand-tray, Symbol Alchemy uses ordinary everyday objects to explore a wide range of psychotherapeutic and other issues. The process is intrinsically both playful and substantive. During it, we use imagination to uncover, explore, and potentially resolve a wide range of questions, conflicts and needs, then our feelings and intellect to integrate what imagination has revealed.  

Symbol Alchemy is particularly accessible by inviting spontaneous, non-verbal responses.


During these times, I am also offering Symbol Alchemy as an effective way to negotiate collective unknowns and challenges related to the rapid and often chaotic changes unfolding in our world.

Used in this context, Symbol Alchemy invites broader, deeper, freer access to creating new pathways through complicated times.


Therapeutic practice of Symbol Alchemy helps to integrate complex inner realities, and thus recognize how to authentically contribute to these unprecedented times.

* Symbol Alchemy process adapts well for sharing via Zoom.


For information about experiencing Symbol Alchemy, or to learn more about this process: 

text/call/email 720 434 4746

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