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“What if art and imagination are not frosting at all...but the fountainhead of human  experience?"  Rollo May 

From Scraps to Wholes: 

Collage, assemblage, painting and scrapbooking



at the Artlife Studio in north Boulder



The next few upcoming classes: July 3, 17, 31, August 14 & 28, etc, in 2019

Come visit us for an evening, to find out if this ongoing class might give you something you’ve been longing for. 



We start somewhere and just follow... find out where we get taken to more by our hands and hearts than by our heads.

We make images, or re-use existing images and objects, to invent ideas or reshape what was. We shape-shift all kinds of bits and pieces, with papers, fabrics, glue and bits of this-and-that, into playfully free-form, elaborately thoughtful, or wildly whimsical artworks. 

Unanticipated wholes emerge from the miscellaneous scraps of our minds and lives. It’s a bit like getting to symbolically remake our very world. And this feeds the soul! 


Each class includes a demo about some kind of how-to, guidance about how to  let things emerge from our unknowing, and spontaneous mini tutorials. Plus ample open exploration time in a friendly supportive atmosphere of creative adventuring.  

Participants come from all skill levels; no previous experience needed.

Payment plans are designed to allow for unavoidable scheduling conflicts





Each morning, dress like yourself - as much as you can given wherever you’re going to be. Instead of automatically dressing in your usual way, include at least one piece of clothing or jewelry that’s feels really “you”. Wear the colors, fabrics, shapes, symbols that make your feel more alive. 

Doing this helps you stay connected to your deeper vision, goals, and inner truth throughout the day. I particularly use rings and bracelets because I can see them, so they remind me. Another option is wearing something underneath outer layers that represents the inner you, which may be a little different than how you present yourself publicly. 

Don’t simply repeat a way that worked great the first day you wore it. Keep experimenting. Commit to doing this creative practice every day for ten days. Just start again if you miss a day. After ten days, you  may want to continue exploring this expression of your creative self with you every day. Have fun! 





"What has always drawn me to your work is the invitation to the Divine that it offers. Our work has always welcomed me into the bigness of all that we can call on to create healing and growth."                                                                                                                                                             -  Lisa Sanchez: client and student since 2008 

Ruby j. seaton, PH.d

holistic teacher. artist.
art therapist. psYchotherapist.


720 434 4746  ruby@artlifecreation.com

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