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Awakening Original Creativity

October 2–6, 2024

Awakening original creativity animates
our potential as world-workers

It is becoming ever more urgent to break free from the old paradigms strangling our world.  How are we each called to contribute, from our hearts and with our myriad skills, to no less than radically heal and evolve beyond this fractured reality?  Whether as contemplatives, healers, visionaries or social activists, our natural creative gifts support fulfilling our true life purpose.

During this retreat, we’ll go on intuitively guided and sometimes marvelously surprising creative adventures.

  • No prior art making experience is needed to engage with and be nourished by participating in this program.

  • The kind of creativity that we will explore exists in all of us, whether we know it or not. 

  • We’ll go for long contemplative wanderings on Rocky Mountain Ecodharma’s wild and lovely land.

  • And experience leaning into and learning with and from each other in sacred and dynamic group circles.

This powerful time-out will support the next chapters of our personal and professional lives as both guardians of our world, and as leaders reaching to heal the immense suffering and collective trauma of our time.

“Doctor Jane Seaton is as artful and gifted a guide as you could hope to encounter if you’re on the trail to the mysterious wilds of your real life or to the inner outback of your chaotic creativity.”

—Bill Plotkin author of Soulcraft, Wild Mind, and The Journey of Soul Initiation

Venue: Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Center
Ward, CO, USA

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