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Each aspect of this work is designed to address individuals’ current situations,
wider life-learning curves, and deepest soul longing for awakening.


Turning in towards the source of your own true knowing and creative wisdom, we assist stumbling blocks to finally reveal themselves as allies – even powerful guides – to needed endings and endless new beginnings.


Here, moments of exquisite realization naturally create new templates for manifesting more of who you were born to truly Be.

Holistic Psychotherapy


Dr. Seaton brings over 30 years in private practice to authentic and collaborative working relationships that explore many aspects of your being, in order to bridge what has been to what can become.


Presenting issues may include family of origin situations and developmental trauma; treating grief, depression, chronic anxieties and insecurity; negotiating major life transitions; chronic illness, midlife and eldering, and identifying as LGBTQIA+. And last but not least, our universal longing to reclaim the Soul's true perspective, and evolving freedom.


To assist you to remember and to reclaim who you genuinely are and always truly have been – however forgotten this may have become – we explore experientially and in depth via Gestalt, existential modalities, somatic awareness and body-mind integration, gentle regression techniques, guided imagery, dreamwork and art therapy. 


 individuals and couples – complimentary initial consultation          group therapy  see Programs page


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"In 40+yrs working in psychiatry with many, many clinicians, you rise to the top of my list.  You are gracious, empathic, and highly skilled, and I benefited from my work with you."                                                                  - Cheryl Waskiewicz, APN



Art Therapy


Professionally guided therapeutic art making can re-connect us with a creativity we are all born with, of a kind that requires no previous art making experience or skill to use as a tool for healing sorrows and traumas of many kinds.  In the process, it can also bring us unexpected, intuitive insights about who we truly are, and invite us towards potent new life directions.   


Individuals, couples; classes, workshopscomplimentary initial consultations for individuals and couples


"Jane's teaching creates a space like a direct conversation with one's soul."    – Amy Hayes, graphic designer


Artlife Coaching


Artlife Coaching invites exploring our lives’ fertile chaos, endless mystery, and hidden wisdom to discover and fulfill both personal aspirations and professional intentions.  Your own resources, passions, strengths and existing life skills elicit strategies for taking your next steps of an increasingly affirming and self-generative life. 


 individuals complimentary initial consultation

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 "My experience of Jane Seaton’s coaching is beyond superlative. She brings all of her incredible skill and experience as a spiritual practitioner, artist, and depth therapist to every interchange. I recommend her work unconditionally."   – Johanna Alper, acupuncture teacher

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