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Doctor Jane Seaton is as artful and gifted a guide as you could hope to encounter if you’re on the trail to the mysterious wilds of your real life or to the inner outback of your chaotic creativity.”


– Bill Plotkin, author of Soulcraft and Wild Mind

"Dr. Seaton's work is integrative, intuitive and interactive, and places high value on authentic relationship with the people with whom she works.  The diverse forms of her work combine traditionally trained foundations that offer long lasting self-education tools, with more esoteric, experiential and intuitive understandings evoking depth healing and revisioning.  It is the range of Dr. Seaton’s background that so allows her work to appeal to both mainstream thinkers and the most 'out there' spiritual types."


– Shelley Kappel, DDS, Dialogue Partner for Healthcare Providers

"I have found Jane's collage classes extremely educational and supportive. She takes much time to assist every student, and shows us a lot of techniques. It's no wonder she has many returning students. I will continue to take collage classes with Jane every chance I can!"


– Jude Cass deLaubenfels

 "It is exceedingly rare for a scholar to have the creativity, vision and courage to map out a new discipline. This Dr. Seaton has done with Artlife. Her melding of previously disparate fields is a genuine innovation, of which the capstone is her restoration of the sacred, so long banished from academic discourse. During my 30 years’ experience as an academic, I have worked with outstanding interdisciplinary innovators, but few if any matched the bold reach and originality Dr. Seaton has demonstrated in developing Artlife. Hers is a remarkably valuable contribution."


–John Broomfield, Ph.D.,former Director of the California Institute of Integral Studies

It occurs to me that some of us are having to evolve and grow several  lifetimes' worth of evolution in one lifetime in order to keep up with what needs to happen in the world. I know you as one of those people.

 – Sedgwick Heskett, Ph.D.

Religious studies & anthropology of religion scholar

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