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This book leads us towards the kind of light that will emerge from the darkness of our current times of deconstruction. Such light can emerge from living more of the wild creativity that’s woven deep into the fabric of all that we are and can be. 


So being creative matters a great deal in times such as these. This book is about becoming wildly creative, faced with far-reaching changes that will even impact how we recognize ourselves, and understand each other. And supports embracing our very lives, in all their fertile complexity, as no less than magnificent journeys of discovery.


Planet Earth: Construction Zone shows people from all walks of life how to ride the waves of change while deeply affirming our soul reasons for being here during this time.

Anticipated  publication: 2018
An Invitation to Participate

I want this book to address real peoples’ real, compelling, even urgent needs about how to practice and trust your own creativity, in any of its many forms.  I have created a questionnaire is designed to help me do that. 


All responses will be held in the strictest confidentiality. I will contact you to request written permission, if seeking to quote you directly in the book. Or, you can choose to respond anonymously. 


Thank you in advance for responding to this questionnaire! Every one of your responses will assist in this book’s development in some unique way. 

I've also set up a special Facebook group to gather and share thoughts and questions about creativity in our lives, and more. I invite you to join me there.

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