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I officiate wedding ceremonies to your design or that we co-design, to joyfully enact your most heartfelt wishes for this opening into a new life.  


I conduct ceremonies for major life transitions such as teen rites of passage, relocation, career changes, retirement, divorce and more.  


Such ceremonies can be tailored to fit many ways of life, and beliefs from totally secular to profoundly spiritual. 


These ceremonies may include one or two, or many, participant-witnesses, or need to be undertaken in solitude.


Funerals can be co-designed as you approach end of life, to express how you wish your life to be honored and celebrated after your passing. This process includes practical, integrative and spiritual life-review and planning.  


Funerals can also be designed by or with family, as uniquely individualized tributes to the life of a departed loved one.

weddings         funerals
other ceremonies and rites of passage
ritual, integrative, end-of-life review & planning 

"The ceremony was beautiful and moving; many spoke of crying and tearing up. The thought, feeling and preparation was obvious, the poem and biblical verse were perfect. You are delightful and we were so happy that you stayed with us after the ceremony.”

Bob D., father of the groom

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