Why is creativity so important at this time? 

Being creative powerfully supports becoming all that we can be. 

Our changing world needs extraordinary creative responses, to manifest our greatest individual and collective potentials. 


How does practicing Artlife alter peoples’ lives? 

Practicing Artlife builds two way bridges between things we imagine and create and the dynamics of our very lives. These bridges can help us

 to explore and so increase awareness, aliveness and wellness in many aspects of individual and collective life, from personal to social, cultural and spiritual. 


Artlife helps to explore everything from life’s big questions and transitions to its’ ongoing learnings, joys and sorrows. It values process and meaning as

much or more than results, or beauty for its’ own sake. 

What does exploring Artlife look like?

No previous creative experience or artistic “talents” are needed to dive into open ended, hands-on exploration of Artlife.

Projects can be visual, verbal, story-telling, ceremonial, musical, danced, performed, digital, crafted, cooking, gardening... Or they may not include any tangible

material result at all. 


Ruby j. seaton, PH.d

holistic teacher. artist.
art therapist. psYchotherapist.


720 434 4746  ruby@artlifecreation.com

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