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September 7, 2015



During the last fifty years, the estimated hundreds of millions of us who don’t unquestioningly buy into mainstream versions of reality have discovered, invented and explored many systems of ideas and ideals, in search of radically new ways of experiencing who and what we are, of what this is all about. 


Many of these paths seek what it means to create reality from the inside out, or reclaiming our indigenous knowing beyond doubt that the whole of life is sacred. 


By comparison, western cultures have historically seen reality from outside in - defining what is through external values and norms that we are expected to align with and follow. 


But though it may bombard us with information and virtual instructions, we also get many, many spontaneous moments, often hidden in plain sight, of other kinds of knowing.


When we glance up at the sky, suddenly tr...

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December 22, 2015

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May 2, 2018

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Ruby j. seaton, PH.d

holistic teacher. artist.
art therapist. psYchotherapist.


720 434 4746

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