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January 1, 2019

The only antidote to destruction is creation. 

Stephen Nachmanovitch

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein


These times of massive change create understandable and often intense insecurities in us. The ongoing destabilization of long-established political, social, and cultural fabrics is the new norm, however much we try to push back against its being so. 

So here we are. How have we responded up till now to this, the inexorable zeitgeist of our time? In what ways have we sometimes felt simply confounded, perhaps immobilized by events that are beyond our wildest personal - or apparently even collective - attempts at changing? Where d...

May 30, 2018

                                          THE ART+LIFE CHART ​

This chart is a perpetually ongoing work in progress that hangs on the door in my teaching studio in north Boulder. 

I’ve named all the primary forms of creativity I can think of on it - like visual, verbal, performance, etc - plus, in the pie-chart sections, a few of the more obvious ways we explore them. For instance, the category of Verbal art-making takes forms like writing and singing.

Being a work in progress, the chart is not entirely linear in where and how things are described. Which seems as it should be, given the subject. I often feel like I’ve left out something important, though, something I can never seem to catch. This ongoing teaser almost keeps me up at night. 

What am I not...

May 2, 2018

We’re currently creating pass-along journals in the Crossing into Creativity program. Participants exchange journals at each meeting, add to it or otherwise change it, then pass it on at our next gathering.

The journal I got last week had $2 pinned into it, with a note: “Ok, could you do yourself a favor? Take these two dollars and spend them on something your soul wants but which your secretary will not allow. Report back.”

I imagined buying some special $2 bead at Nomad. But in a thrift store the next day - shopping for clothes for another current program project - a young woman nearby started talking to no one in particular about a little evening bag covered in shiny pink plastic scales. Then she put it back on the rack with a sigh, saying “Well, maybe one day…” 

Without thinking I went over and asked her if she’d buy it if she could afford it. She said...

September 19, 2015

The real task of art is to create a new, a meta-reality, combining the world as received with the life of the mind…How can we loose the hold ordinary living has upon us so that we may begin to open up to the possibility of a larger, a new, an unknown universe?

–  Peter London, No More Second Hand Art


Europe has been being altered for decades by ongoing influxes of migrants. Think Algerians emigrating to France. Think people from all over the world, including large numbers from the Indian subcontinent, emigrating to Britain. Think people from poorer European Union nations moving to its richer nations. 


Europe is now about to be a whole lot more fundamentally changed by the huge waves of refugees fleeing conflict, violence and persecution in the middle east, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan. 


I’m European by birth and upbringing. I emigrated to the US 30...

August 30, 2015

 Supposing we were to explore this in our daily lives: there is no possibility of failure.  (I’m going to write this blog post with this in mind!)


Try imagining no possibility of failing with what you plan to do in the next ten minutes  – not about biggies like your career or being a parent. 


Supposing you need to feed the cat, go for a jog, or get in the shower? Something ordinary that you typically do without much thought. 


…Well of course I’m not going to fail when I feed the cat!  But do you subtly berate yourself for not feeding her/him earlier, for not being able (or choosing) to buy more “nutritious” (and probably expensive) cat food?


…And the shower, I mean how can you fail when you take a shower? Do you really wash behind your ears, or just get it over with, thinking about other things? If you’re in California, do you use too much wate...

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We’re currently creating pass-along journals in the Crossing into Creativity program. Participants exchange journals at each meeting, add to it or oth...

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May 2, 2018

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